In Canada Tonka is being handled by Raymond Yurick.  Thanks  Ray for your
very professional handling and for making Tonka shine in the Ring.

Special thanks to all the Judges that recognized Tonka's qualities!!!!!
Tonka winning  Best Opposite and Best of Winners at the LRCA Specialty
Breeder Judge Nancy Arbuckle - Hunt Club Labradors USA
May 2007
Tonka winning his 1st JAM at the LRCC National Specialty
Breeder Judge Marion Hopkins - Rocheby Labradors UK
June 2007
Tonka winning Best of Breed under Judge Dorothy MacDonald from USA
August 2007
Tonka winning Group #4 under Judge Virginia Lyne from Canada
December 2007
(Thanks Tania for your good work handling Tonka while Ray was absent)
Pequira Juan Griego
Tonka winning Best of Breed  at the  LRCA Specialty
Breeder Judge Pluis Davern - Sundowners Kennel USA
June 2009